TLRO interns

TLRO Hosts Summer Interns From Four States

The Thompson Laboratory for Regenerative Orthopaedics is honored to have, from left to right, Ryan Lewis (Florida), Mitch Kenter (Michigan), Zeke Brallier (Minnesota) and Evan Bradley (New Jersey) doing research internships with us this summer.

Lewis is a University of Florida medical student doing a project on the capabilities of knee ultrasonography to assess risk for non-contact injuries in American football players. Kenter is a DePauw University biochemistry student helping with research into the effects of loading on spinal disc degeneration. Brallier is a mechanical engineering student from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology working on design and construction of the Mizzou BioJoint Flex device, the MFAST system and 3D printing. Bradley is a high school student at the Peddie School in its Research Science Signature Experience Program. He is doing projects on the basic science of ACL injuries and biomarkers for spinal disc degeneration.