James T. Stannard to present research abstract at NASS 2013

James Stannard to Present at NASS Annual Meeting

James T. Stannard

James T. Stannard

Student James T. Stannard will present the abstract “A Whole Organ Culture Model for Intervertebral Disc in the Presence of Nicotine and Cotinine Using Rat Tail Explants in a Rotating Bioreactor” at the North American Spine Society’s (NASS) 28th Annual Meeting  October 9–12, 2013.

As we reported in a recent post, Stannard, visiting fellow Kaz Edamura, and Drs. Kuroki, Stoker, Choma, O’Connell, Pfeiffer, Jeffries, Reinsel, and Kuhns have been developing techniques for putting the spine in a test tube in order to understand intervertebral disc disease more clearly and develop novel ways to prevent and treat back pain.

Congrats to James Stannard on being given a podium presentation at the annual meeting!

Disc disease

Disc disease seen microscopically