ORS 2013

ORS and AAOS 2013 Annual Conferences


The Comparative Orthopaedic Lab team had another extremely successful year at the Orthopaedic Research Society’s Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, January 26–29, 2013. In total, the COL presented 11 abstracts, with three of those selected for podium presentation and Dr. Jimi Cook presenting as an invited speaker for the workshop entitled Cartilage Regeneration: Can we repair the whole joint surface? Dr. Ferris Pfeiffer’s and Dr. Aaron Stoker’s podium presentations garnered great interest, and our poster presenters all did an exceptional job in maintaining the COL’s presence at this prestigious meeting.

Speakers at ORS 2013


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Mizzou Team Ortho, comprised of Comparative Orthopaedic Lab and Missouri Orthopaedic Institute clinicians and scientists, gave seven presentations at the 2013 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Conference in Chicago. Dr. Cristi Cook’s study, funded by the National Football League Charities, examining the usefulness of ultrasonography as an on-the-field diagnostic tool for meniscal injuries, was one of the feature presentations and was highlighted in the AAOS Now publication.