Nicole Waters and Alex Cook at Life Sciences Week Poster Session

COL Students Present Research at Life Sciences Week

By Aaron Stoker

Two students from the COL presented their research at the poster sessions of the University of Missouri’s Life Sciences Week. Nicole Waters (PhD candidate) presented a poster entitled “Development of an Osteochondral Impact Injury Model with Subsequent Dynamic Compressive Loading.” Her poster focused on her work developing a clinically relevant in vitro model for post-traumatic osteoarthritis.

Nicole Waters at Life Sciences Week

Nicole Waters

Alex Cook (sophomore Pre-Med) presented a poster entitled “In Vitro Response of Cartilage and Synovial Tissues to Inflammation and Trauma.” His poster focused on his work further characterizing our in vitro osteoarthritis models, and the role of cartilage and synovium in the clinical development and progression of OA.

Alex Cook at Life Sciences Week

Alex Cook

Congratulations to Nicole and Alex for a job well done.