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Jefferson City man grateful for ultimate gift from donor: MU Health Care, July 18, 2018

MOPS wins Sports Medicine Technology Award: Markets Insider, July 11, 2018

Academic Minute: A New Technique for ACL Repair: Inside Higher Ed, June 28, 2018

BioJoint Success Story: On Top of the World: MU Health Care, June 14, 2018

Orthopaedic Research Society News spotlight on James Cook, Orthopaedic Research Society News, January 2018

Lucky mistake leads MU researcher to double preservation time for joint transplants, Columbia Missourian, Jan. 18, 2018

$2 million gift to boost innovative orthopaedic research at MU, Columbia Missourian, Nov. 10, 2017

Medical foundation gifts $2 million to MU medical school, Columbia Daily Tribune, Nov. 10, 2017

Orthopaedic Surgeons at MU Health Care Offer Biologic Joint Repair, MU Health Care, Oct. 26, 2017

Benefits seen with femoral condylar osteochondral allografts treated with autogenous BMC, Orthopaedics Today, Oct. 4, 2017

Effects of Autogenous Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate on Radiographic Integration of Femoral Condylar Osteochondral Allografts, AJSM October 2017 Podcast

Bone Marrow Concentrate Improves Joint Transplants, MU School of Medicine, Sept. 2017

Open for Discovery, MU Medicine, Summer 2017

Cutting-Edge Artificial Joints are Better than Bionic, Seeker, Nov. 4, 2016

Columbia Mayor Introduces Medical Tourism Task Force, Columbia Daily Tribune, Sept. 1, 2016

JOINT VENTURE: Cutting-edge procedure offers expanded options for transplant patients, Columbia Daily Tribune, May 21, 2016

Mizzou BioJoint Media Coverage Summary, through May 19, 2016

MU Freshman First to Receive A Mizzou BioJoint After Football Injury, KOMU-8, May 13, 2016

MU Winner of 2016 Simulating Reality Contest, MSC Software, 2016

Video Presentation – Histologic and Biomechanical Analysis of Two Small Glenoid Anchors for use in Labral Repair, Arthrex, March 6, 2014

New Tricks for Old Dogs: Translational Medicine at Mizzou, KCPT Local Show, June 20, 2013

Doggie Rehab: How Helping Man’s Best Friend Can Help Us, Too! by Prakash Jayabalan, MD, PhD, The PM&R Resident Newsletter, June 2013

MU Veterinary College Research Helps Advance Human Health, Mizzou Weekly, December 2012

Healthy U Radio Show with guest Dr. James Cook, KMEM 100.5 FM, hosted by Dr. Randy Tobler and Bud Wilson, May 8, 2012

Storage Time for Cartilage Transplant Tissue Doubled by MU Researchers, MU News Bureau, March 2012

MU Animal Surgeon Hones Cartilage Storage Method, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 2012

New Method Will Increase Likelihood of Success in Cartilage Grafting Procedures, Medical News Today, March 2012

Donor Cartilage Tissue Storage Time Doubled, Florida Biotechnology News, March 2012

Jimi Cook holding a dog

Dr. Jimi Cook in “Orthopaedics This Week”

Need a New Hip? Someday You May Grow Your Own, USA Today, August 2011

Dog Biomarkers Helping with OA, Orthopaedics This Week, June 2011

Animal Testing: Veterinarians Show How Testing Helps Animals and Humans, Lee Bowman/Scipps Howard News Service, May 2011

Looking to Revolutionize Canine Orthopedics, DVM Newsmagazine, April 2011

Emma’s Story (featuring Dr. James Cook), National Public Service Announcement, 2011 Telly Award for Best Not-for-Profit Commercial, Foundation for Biomedical Research, March 2011

Kneedy: The Future of Arthritis Care, MIZZOU Magazine, Spring 2011

Professor Taking Knee Replacements from Bionic to Biological, The Dallas Morning News, February 2011

Biological Joints Could Replace Artificial Joints Soon, MU News Bureau, January 2011

Engineering CT Scans into Models (video file), KOMU TV 8, August 2009

Bio Joint Research (video file), KOMU TV 8, August 2009

MU Builds Ties Between Veterinary and Human Researchers, Columbia Missourian, June 2009

Jimi Cook and Sonny Bal

Drs. Jimi Cook and Sonny Bal in the “Missourian”

New Surgery for Fido’s Knees,, December 2008

Helping Knees Heal Themselves, Orthopaedics Channel (Medical Breakthroughs reported by, May 2008

Dog’s Best Friend: Mizzou’s Jimi Cook Is Named America’s Best Vet, Mizzou Wire, April 2008

Resilient Infections Worry Military Doctors, Washington Post, May 2007

Targeting Tough Bacteria, Columbia Tribune, May 2007

MU Surgeons Help Heal a Tiger, Kansas City Star, May 2007

Discovery Could Lead to Reversal of Arthritis, Live-Science Health, November 2006

Arthritis Help Sought for Pets, People, Kansas City Star, October 2006

Collaborative Research Aims at Joint Repair, Columbia Tribune, July 2006

Dogs Lead Way in Arthritis Research, KOMU TV 8, July 2006

MU Researchers Beginning to Identify Genetic Culprits of Arthritis, MU News Bureau, July 2006

Creating the Perfect Knee Replacement, MU News Bureau, July 2006

Community Shoulders Dog’s Medical Bills, Daytona Beach News Journal, June 2006

Making Strides in Arthritis Research, @Mizzou: News from Campus, October 2005

Iams rewards MU lab for sparing dogs’ lives, Columbia Missourian, August 2005

Rebuilding Knee Cartilage (Flash file), Illumination, June 2005

Walking Tall, Illumination, Fall 2004